spirt\’spert\ n : sabrina spirt, graphic designer, photographer

Though I do in fact have a lot of spirit, contrary to popular belief, “spirit” is not my last name! So often do I hear that
having “spirit” for my last name is so cool, that I have stopped correcting people. Well, I guess there are worse ways a
name could be butchered! Now I know you didn’t come to my about page to learn about my last name, so let me fill
you in on what you came here for!


I recently relocated to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon from Ann Arbor Michigan. I don’t particularly care for the
cold winter, unless I am snowboarding of course, so I am happy to be in a wonderland for the outdoor enthusiast…and of
course grateful for milder winters! I have also played soccer for most of my life, and that continues to be one of my favorite
activities. I love music of all kinds, and have a rather eclectic collection. I also love movies, which means that you will
undoubtedly be subjected to random movie quotes if you talk to me long enough. One of my favorite movies to quote is
“So I Married An Axe Murderer”, an old Mike Myers comedy from the early ’90’s.

“What we have been, What we are now, We shall not be tomorrow.” ~OVID

To me, life is about constantly growing, learning, remaining true to oneself, and fulfilling personal goals. Some of my
goals are more grandiose, while others are quite small and seemingly insignificant, but still important to me. I
constantly aim to challenge myself, and push myself out of my comfort zone. A few of the more recent goals I have
accomplished include: learning to snowboard, learning to drive a stick shift, and traveling extensively outside of the
country. I consider myself to be a perpetual student, and continue to learn and try new things!

That’s great, but what do you do?

If you are sitting there, wondering what it is I do exactly, let me properly fill you in. I am a Graphic Designer and
Photographer with many skills to suit your needs. Living in DC fueled my love of art, and though I spent countless hours
of my adolescence drawing and sketching, I never considered art as a possible career. It wasn’t until my second year of
college, when I decided to take sculpture and photography classes that my outlook changed. I realized that I wanted
to pursue art, and dove in headfirst. I have been in the field now for over 10 years, and have acquired many skills. I
love helping people, and provide honest hard work at a reasonable rate, both locally and remotely. For a growing list
of my services and capabilities, please visit my Services Page. Feel free to contact me for a copy of my resume,
a consultation, a gig, an opportunity, or just to say hello!

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